DSLR Video 101

Filmmaking for Beginners

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Professional HD video capability comes standard on most of today's DSLR cameras. Even entry-level cameras can acheive stunning results when shot properly.

As anyone who's ever shot video will tell you, video is much more difficult to shoot than still photography. Instruction in basic DSLR video techniques is indispensable for clear, steady, professional looking work. Whether you are an amateur looking to improve your basic skills, a business owner looking to promote a product or service with video, or a professional who needs a refresher, this course will serve to take your skills to the next level.

Although DSLR Video 101 is branded as an "introductory course", it is a comprehensive course of study designed with the working professional in mind. Knowledge of photographic technique and theory will be very helpful prior to beginning the course. Video is simply a series of still images - therefore a good videographer will often be a good photographer, and vice versa. If you feel you need an intro to photographic principles before your DSLR Video Course, please consider our Intro to Photography course first.

The course is balanced with an equal amount of theory and technical skills, and practical workshops. Video is much more dynamic than still photography, and the course will focus on each of the key components of video: Camera, lighting, sound, and editing. Helpful tips and personal experience of DSLR video production will be given throughout the course, with the expectation that by the time of completion, the student will have the ability to shoot at a professional level.

Modules within DSLR Video 101 can be slightly modified to reflect the interests of the students. For example, different emphasis will be placed on business, documentary, sport, or narrative, depending on the student's desires. Students will be able to draw on lecturer Johnny Miller's knowledge of corporate, documentary, and educational video production.

You must have a DSLR video camera as a pre-requisite before beginning this course. Camcorders (such as the Sony EX-1 or the Panasonic HVX-200, for example) are acceptable as well. Please no point-and-shoot cameras without the ability to manually change video functions, as this course is not designed for those cameras. A tripod is helpful, and a computer with editing software loaded.

Lights, sound equipment, and other equipment will be arranged by Africa Photo Academy.

Please contact us (johnny@africaphotoacademy.com) if you have any questions about equipment. 

Course dates and price can be found by contacting the APA directly at info@africaphotoacademy.com.


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