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An observation that inspired the Africa Photo Academy

Since the world was introduced to the photograph in the 19th Century, South Africa has captured the imagination of the photographer. From early colonial photography to modern-day National Geographic magazine cover photos, this nation has proven to be one of the most photogenic venues in the world.

Professional photographers, traveling in Land Rovers overflowing with cameras, lenses and accessories, are a common sight in South Africa. The diverse range of geographic and social landscapes provide the country with great visual wealth. Combine mobility, a good camera, creativity and an understanding of photo theory, and your photographic options are limitless.

We, however, noted that there is scarce educational opportunity for the amateur photographer to gain access to the adventurous world of a professional photographer working on-site in Africa. From this observation, the idea for the Africa Photo Academy was born.

The Africa Photo Academy offers two types of courses that will introduce you to the world of a professional photographer. Our Uhambo Course is a global educational experience combining travel with professional photographic instruction. Learn to take magazine-quality photos while traveling through one of the most beautiful countries in the world! South Africa is our academy classroom. We also offer photography courses in Cape Town that meet on a weekly basis. All Africa Photo Academy courses are led by professional photographers who have distinguished themselves within the local photography community. We believe in keeping student-to-instructor ratios very low to ensure that you have a quality learning experience as you further your photography education.

For more information about our program, please explore the various menus on the sidebar. Our Photography 101 course is ideal for the photography novice. For the travel-inclined photographer, our 21-day journey across South Africa is the ideal program offering. We also offer photo specialty courses in fashion photography, wildlife photography, and underwater photography

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